We base our work on the search for true energy alternatives that we can implement in any social and / or industrial field, always supported in designs with technological improvement and the highest quality, safety and reliability of the machines we develop.

We want provide innovative technology solutions that contribute to sustainable development of societies, with implements since rural areas to industrial sectors.

Our philosophy, together with the accumulated experience has allowed establish values with which we are committed and on which all our projects are posed:


  • icono salixInnovation: Creative solutions with technological advances and easily applicable.
  • icono salixQuality: Developments tested to provide reliable operation.
  • icono salixEthics: Honest and transparent professional relationships with our clients.
  • icono salixCooperation: Willing to explore synergies and partnerships with other companies.
  • icono salixHumanism: Providing solutions that improve the life of society.
  • icono salixResponsibility: Contributing to the welfare of present and future generations.

Empresa de alto nivel ecológico, cuyo principal objetivo es el diseño y el desarrollo de soluciones tecnológicas que fomenten el aprovechamiento de las energías renovables.