Investigate and advance to get the maximum performance and the highest quality is what characterizes the activity of the team of professionals that make up SALIX RENEWABLE ENERGY.

We have an R&D department, with a continuous improvement plan, for research and development of new products that meet the demands and needs of our customers, ensuring energy savings, along with sustainable development and conservation of the environment.

The technological development of first level that proposes SALIX, has had the support of public research institutions and technology centers of first class such as the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), the Department of Innovation of the Government of Navarra and the Navarre Industry Association (AIN) among others.

logo ainlogo cdtiministerio de ciencia e innovacion 

In line with this policy, the company has three laboratories test renewable energy, where new developments are tested, and where new technologies are tested in collaboration with different sector companies.

Murchante (Navarra)

  • icono salixLaboratory of new development.
  • Murchante Laboratory
  • icono salixTest pre-installation.
  • icono salixPerformance tests.
  • icono salixStructural testing.
  • icono salixProgramming.

Tudela (Navarra) – Laboratory of solar PV.

Project approved by CDTI.

  • icono salixThree variants of solar tracker Salix - 2APVT.
  • Tudela Laboratory
  • icono salixThree programming modes.
  • icono salixFour solar module technologies (monocrystalline, polycrystalline, Bifacial, Thin Film)
  • icono salixFixed structures of integration.
  • icono salixMonitoring with test yields.

Pradejon (La Rioja) – Solar Energy Laboratory of high concentration PV.

Project approved by CDTI and Innovation Department of the Government of Navarra.

  • icono salixField test of solar tracker - 2AHCPV.
  • Pradejón Laboratory
  • icono salixField test of high concentration solar modules.
  • icono salixOperation with three models of electronics inverters.
  • icono salixTrials and field test for solar tracking sensors for high accuracy of 0.1°.
  • icono salixMonitoring with test yields.

Empresa de alto nivel ecológico, cuyo principal objetivo es el diseño y el desarrollo de soluciones tecnológicas que fomenten el aprovechamiento de las energías renovables.