Data Sheet Data Sheet HPV

Seguidor Solar Horizontal

Thanks to its horizontal axis, this solar tracker is characterized by bring great advantages to solar installation, in addition to adapt to any land. It provides up to 30% more energy than fixed structure systems, depending on the latitude of the installation.

The tracker control is astronomical by PLC, with possibility of backtraking, enabling greater energy production.

Great simplicity of assembly with screws. Wihtout welding in field. Its low height allows installation without cranes.

Configuration flexibility. Adaptable to any photovoltaic module of market.

Modular and scalable. Number of rows and composition of these in the tracker depending on the ground and / or project.

Adaptability to ground. It allows irregularities in the field of up to 10%. For higher slopes, modifications must be made.

Fixing to the ground.It allows mounting on concrete footing, on metalic profile or on metal screw, thereby reducing installation costs.

Reduced environmental impact. Its low height provides discretion of follower on the ground. Its adaptability to terrain and the possibility of anchorage without concrete, reduce the actions of civil works.

Corrosion protection.Steel structure in hot galvanized. Screws with dracomet bathroom. Excellent performance in harsh environments.

Easy operation. Electrical panel with AC and DC protection. Emergency stop button and switch of movements for inspection and maintenance.

Monitoring. Scada of remote control, can maneuver the follower from computer terminal.


Technical characteristics HPV

SALIX RENEWABLE ENERGY offers the following services in support of project development:

  • Study of cartographic and level lines of ground.
  • Design of implementation drawings of solar trackers.
  • Design of concrete or metalic screw for fixing.
  • Configuration of electrical panels according solar modules and inverters.
  • Configuration of meteorological sensors for integration in scada monitoring.
  • Customized development of scada monitoring.
  • Installation of trackers.
  • Start up.
  • Operation and maintenance of the facility.
  • EPC project.

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