Hidraulic 1

Water is a basic element of life and a resource that, throughout history, has determined human development. Its use for energy production dates back to the ancient age with waterwheels mode to move a machine and replace human or animal labor.

The hydroelectric, appears in Great Britain, in the late nineteenth century, being the basis of industrialization.

Hydropower is obtained using the energy of water in the form of motion (kinetic energy) and / or height (potential energy). This water, passes through a turbine producing electricity, which normally is injected into the network, but also can be stored in batteries.

Hidraulic 2

SALIX RENEWABLE ENERGY is linked to the modernization and enhancement of small hydropower plants, restoring ancient waterfalls and ancient mills, areas where we have significant experience both resource assessment and design, construction, operation and maintenance.

Empresa de alto nivel ecológico, cuyo principal objetivo es el diseño y el desarrollo de soluciones tecnológicas que fomenten el aprovechamiento de las energías renovables.