Solar Térmica 1

Each year the solar radiation contributes to Earth energy equivalent to several thousand times the amount of energy consumed by humanity.

How to harness this radiation for heating fluids is by solar panels, which can be fixed or solar tracking, employee these latter in large solar thermal or thermoelectric plants.

This energy can be used to produce hot water (DHW), conditioning of buildings and pools, or industrial applications.

SALIX RENEWABLE ENERGY designs and installs solar thermal systems tailored to customer needs, with standards and top teams for the following services:

Solar Térmica 2

  • Hot Water (DHW).
  • Support for heating.
  • Pool heating.
  • Industrial Applications.

Thanks to the panels of high performance, and quality of the other components, it is possible to achieve savings in the consumption of hot water close to 70 - 80% and remarkable support for heating, that besides saving money, contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, NOx, SOx.).

Our credit lines allow our customers make your installation actually comfortably.

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